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Titanium Wars


# of Players Ages Play Time
3-4 12+ 60-90 min
Designer Artists Category

Frédéric Guérard

Caroline Hirbec

Igor Polouchine

Matthieu Rebuffat

Alexey Yakovlev

Strategy Games
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Titanium Wars Titanium Wars English
Studio SKU
Euphoria Games




While venturing in Limbo at the edge of the galaxy, scouts found a new form of energy: Titanium. First experiments showed promise that it could push back the frontiers of technology, and even open new horizons for human capabilities. This news was more than enough to stir up the greed of humankind’s greatest factions. Each has sent fleets to take over nearby planets where Titanium is abundant – and even seems to be in constant expansion. From that point on, armed conflicts were bound to happen. This war will only be settled by controlling the Titanium deposits...

Purchase buildings to master new technologies and increase your earnings. Buy units to expand your fleet and enhance your spaceships with powerful equipment. Explore the edge of the galaxy and adjust your tactics to seize control of new planets rich in Titanium.

Titanium Wars is a card game of arms race and galactic conquest.



- Countless possibilities to build and equip your own fleet
- Fast and smooth gameplay with no waiting for your turn
- Impressive artwork



- 65 Unit cards
- 96 Enhancement cards
- 74 Building cards
- 12 Planet/Event cards
- 50 Tactics cards
- Credits (50¢, 100¢, & 500¢)
- Damage tokens
- 8 Leader cards
- 1 First Player token
- 4 player aids


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