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Welcome to IELLO’s Organized Play page. You’ll find everything you need to enjoy events as a player or run events as an organizer. Make sure to check back often for new programs!

OP landing page

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For Players:

Find a local hobby store by using our store locator found here.

Find events coming up soon by checking out our events calendar here.

Find out more about all our great products in our online catalog here.


For Hobby Store Owners:



Want to build interest in your community for our unique games? Hosting an event can help you get the word out and give you a great excuse to reward your customers for spending time at your store.

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 Quick Links to Stuff Stores Need:

Add your store to our Store Locator by registering here.

Request an event here.

Request various promos here.

Fill out the After Action Report Form for all events here.

King of Tokyo Tournament Rules can be found here.

Kobayakawa Tournament Rules can be found here.

Download and print Shelf Talkers   here.

Download and print our King of Tokyo Poster, King of New York Poster, or Heroes of Normandie Poster.

Kit Materials Lists for King of New York, King of Tokyo, or Heroes of Normandie can be found in these links.


How to Host an Event

Follow these simple steps to host a great event!

  1. Let us know that you want to host an event! We offer event support for King of Tokyo, King of New York and Heroes of Normandie. Fill out a simple form to request event materials for King of Tokyo, King of New York, or Heroes of Normandie here.
  2. Tell your community about the event! We’ll be sending you a kit with a fantastic poster, but if you want to do any online advertising, or just need more posters, you can Download and print our King of Tokyo Poster or King of New York Poster or Heroes of Normandie Poster.  You can also add your store to our Store Locator by registering here.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the event specifics!  Event instructions can be found here for King of Tokyo, King of New York or Heroes of Normandie. These will also be included in your kit.
  4. Check your kit contents! Your kit should arrive a few weeks before your event. Make sure that you check the included sheet to make sure that all your items have arrived safely. You can also find the kit contents on the Event sheets found in the links above.
  5. Host a great event! You know your community better than anyone else. Feel free to modify the event so that it fits your community! Make sure to record the name and email address for your King of Tokyo or King of New York winner so that you’ll be able to fill out the After Action Report Form.
  6. Fill out the After Action Report Form. You can find it here.


Recent Presentations:

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If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at