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Founded in Nancy in 2004 by Cédric Barbé and Patrice Boulet, IELLO is now a world-renowned publisher and distributor of board games. The company has moved from distance selling of trading card games to wholesale distribution. In 2008, it diversified once again into the co-publishing of board games, a task that involves translating and adapting games to the French culture. In 2009, this new activity naturally gave rise to another: publishing its own games.

In line with the desire to offer a rich and original catalogue, IELLO continues to develop the localisation and distribution of flagship titles, a long-standing activity for the brand, by stepping up its partnerships with other publishers, both French and international.

IELLO – a story of 🖐️ & 💛

100 games made for you

20 conventions all around the world

80 partners around the globe

65 employees

21000 followers over social medias

2000000 King of line games sold

Our story

Publisher and distributor of board games, IELLO is a French company with a worldwide reputation and a presence on five continents.

From party games to jigsaws, from cooperative games to strategy games, the IELLO universe can be enjoyed by everyone. Its flagship titles include global hits such as King of Tokyo, Unmatched and Bunny Kingdom. With more than a hundred games published, including almost 25 in-house creations, the Lorraine-based publisher has become a major national and international player.


Founded by Cédric Barbé and Patrice Boulet


Launch of the publishing business


Release of King of Tokyo


King of Tokyo 2nd Edition


Launch of the LOKI children’s play brand


IELLO distributes Unmatched worldwide


IELLO celebrates its 20th anniversary

IELLO’s Export Team

Our Press Kit