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Customer Service & Contact

Is this game available in my language?

All the games’ pages on the website list the versions in which they are available.

You no longer publish this game. Where can I find it?

There are two possible scenarios:

  • Either it has been taken over by another publisher and will therefore be available in their catalogue,
  • Or no publisher has taken over the rights and you will have to contact the shops in your area to see if they still have a copy. The second-hand market is probably the best solution.
Where did I put the rules of my game?

Missing or lost rulebook? Go to the page for the game in question on our website https://iellogames.com/boardgames. You’ll find the document in the “files to download” section.

When is this game coming out?

Provisional release dates are indicated on the game descriptions, and are subject to change depending on production and transport contingencies.

Do not hesitate to check our news feed for up-to-date information on release dates!

IELLO is asking me to contribute to the costs?

Is there a charge for shipping game components?

In the event of missing, lost or damaged items, our customer service may replace them for you.
In certain cases, we may ask you to contribute to the costs.

This may occur if :

  • You are missing proof of purchase
  • The shipment is outside Europe
Do you have games that can be played online?

Yes! Since the end of 2021, we’ve been gradually adapting some of our titles so that they can be played on Board Game Arena or other platforms. King of Tokyo, Little Factory, Get on Board, Ancient Knowledge are the first IELLO games to be adapted, but there will be many more to come!

For a complete list, visit this page dedicated to online games!


If you have an after-sales request for an English game purchased in:

For a game in another language, please contact our local distributor at the address on the box bottom or in the rulebook of your game.

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