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Bunny Kingdom

Release date :
22 September 2017
Created by :
Richard Garfield
Illustrated by :
Paul Mafayon
Versions :
French, English, Argentinian, Brazilian, Chinese, Czech, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Taiwanese, Ukrainian

Draft and worker placement in the rabbit kingdom!

Play as Rabbit Lords as they set out to conquer a New World on behalf of King Rabbit. Set up strongholds in strategic locations, exploit resources, build cities and prepare secret missions to steal victory from your opponents at the last minute. Each choice can bring you the laurels of victory or the shadow of defeat!

Bunny Kingdom is a card drafting and placement game played over 4 rounds. During each round, players expand their strongholds, increasing their Power and Wealth by building Cities and exploiting new Resources. Choose your actions for each round from the cards in your hand, before passing on those you are not playing to your opponents.

Each round ends with a points tally based on the Power and Wealth of your strongholds. Secret Missions ordered by the Rabbit King during the course of the game will undoubtedly disrupt what seemed established before the final countdown. At the end of the game, the player with the most prosperous territory will be appointed Governor of the New World by the Rabbit King.

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