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Mini games
Release date :
17 September 2021
Created by :
Paul Saxberg
Illustrated by :
Leah Fuhrman
Versions :
French, Chinese, German, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Ukrainian

Deadlies is a particularly mean-spirited discard game.

Avarice then said to her table-mates, “How about a game, folks?”. Sloth shrugged, Envy was very interested. The cards were dealt. Pride wanted to start, Lust wanted to take her time. Anger was a sore loser and Gluttony had only one idea in mind… Play again!

Get rid of your sins before your opponents do!

Deadlies is a particularly mean-spirited discard game. On your turn, create card combinations to get rid of your hand, then apply the effect of the last card played. These discarded sins are sure to shake up the game: discard more cards, make your opponents draw, or swap hands with one of them. If you manage to empty your hand 3 times, you win the game!

Will you be demonic enough to receive the halo of victory?

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