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Foodie Forest

Release date :
Created by :
Reiner Knizia
Illustrated by :
Jérémie Fleury
Versions :
French, English, Dutch, German, Korean
Line :

Foodie Forest is an accessible and clever trick-taking card game!

Everyone knows that raccoons love to make soups. That’s why they soak their ingredients in puddles! But since they introduced their technique to the other animals, they’ve all been trying to create the best recipe in the forest.
The problem is, they’re all cooking in the same pot…

An accessible and clever trick-taking card game!

In the big clearing, the cooks battle it out over the cooking pot. The battle is fierce for the best wild soup!

Play your cards to add ingredients to the pot: the flavors will be revealed when the value of the cards reaches 10. Fruits, vegetables, insects or even shoes, you must do everything to ensure that your soup is never bland. Don’t hesitate to sabotage your opponents’ recipes: everything’s fine in the cauldron as long as they drink the broth. Between collection and hand management, which cook will be the smartest?

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