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Hellton Palace

Release date :
Created by :
Jean-Baptiste Pigneur
Illustrated by :
Lorenzo Colangeli
Versions :
French, English, German

Welcome infernal guests and hire bellboys to serve them.

Life as a bellboy in the sumptuous, hushed corridors of Hellton Palace isn’t always easy. Crucial decisions have to be made every minute. If you refuse to serve a customer, you risk irritating him and damaging the hotel’s reputation.

But that’s not all: meeting his expectations opens the door to his over-enthusiasm, and implicitly encourages him to wreak havoc on the hotel… And when the guests are deities and legendary creatures of all kinds, that can do a lot of damage. Somewhere, in the depths of the world, not far from the River Styx and the Elysian Fields, a Groom is about to knock on a room’s door. And he’s scared.

Your objective: buy time so that your opponent loses! The mere mention of this victory condition is enchanting, let’s face it!

Welcome infernal guests and hire bellboys to serve them. Choose between not satisfying your guests (and accepting the negative effects) or satisfying them (and accepting the negative but different effects). When the guests have methodically and diligently ransacked the premises, the last hotel standing wins the game. Simple, you see? What could go wrong?

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