Vous cherchez quelque chose ?


Release date :
14 October 2016
Illustrated by :
Jade Mosch
Versions :
French, English, Argentinian, Brazilian, Czech, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Taiwanese
Expansion :

A poetic and inspired collection game by Charles Chevallier and Bruno Cathala.


1840: in Kanagawa, on Tokyo’s great bay, the master Hokusai decided to open a painting school to share his art with his disciples. You’re one of them, and you want more than anything to prove yourself worthy of the old “drawing fool”. Follow his teachings to develop your studio, set the scene for your favorite subjects (Trees, Animals, Characters, Buildings), while taking into account the rhythm of the seasons, in order to compose the most harmonious Print… The one that will become your life’s work!

The simple, original game mechanics are as follows: Facing you are as many Print cards as there are players, face up or face down. Each player in turn can decide whether to take one or pass, in the hope of obtaining better cards later. When you pick up one or more cards, you can choose which way you place them: in the direction of the Print to add it to your painting if your Inspirations allow, or in the direction of the Inspiration to place it in your studio and acquire that new Inspiration.
Will you immortalize your art by focusing your collection on fauna, flora, the seasons, architecture or people? Take your time to find Inspiration, but make sure other artists don’t steal your ideas!

A poetic and inspired collection game by Charles Chevallier and Bruno Cathala.

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