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The Dwarf King

Release date :
Created by :
Bruno Faidutti
Illustrated by :
Christophe Swal
Versions :
French, English, Czech
Line :

A classic trick-taking card game, The Dwarf King returns in a new edition inaugurating the IELLO Cards line, 100% dedicated to trick-taking games!

Who will be the next King of the Dwarves? Humans, goblins and dwarves battle it out to see who will be elected to this coveted rank. But it’s no easy task, with all the backstabbing and backstabbing!

Everyone knows: dwarves are bearded, and their king is even more so than the others! So the King of the Dwarfs is a bearded man who’s even more bearded than the others! In this crazy folding game full of surprises, it’s as important to win points as it is to make others lose them.

Superbly illustrated by Swal, Bruno Faidutti offers us a real game of folds, fun and fast. With victory conditions and special cards varying with each round, no two games are alike!

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