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Little Factory

Little Factory
Release date :
03 September 2021
Created by :
Shun / Aya Taguchi
Illustrated by :
Sabrina Miramon
Versions :
French, English, Dutch, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Taiwanese, Ukrainian

From Little Town to Little Factory...
Rediscover the DNA of the "Little Town" universe in a clever, streamlined card game designed by the same authors. Little Factory shares the same philosophy as Little Town: taking a game mechanic and streamlining it as far as possible to make it more accessible without sacrificing any of its depth. Little Factory is based on an engine-building mechanic that will appeal to beginners and fierce competitors alike.

It's up to you: produce, sell, trade, block your opponents and collect precious influence points!

Dazzling progress

A game of Little Factory starts with a few coins, which players can exchange for their first resources. These resources are arranged in 3 levels, each more complex to obtain. The aim is to progress through the different levels of resources as quickly as possible, so as to be able to construct buildings that not only make your work easier, but also earn you valuable victory points. The first player to reach 10 points wins the game.

Perfectly matched mechanics and theme

With mechanics in total synergy with its theme, Little Factory offers a particularly intuitive approach to engine-building, as well as fierce competition. Little Town players will quickly find their feet in the familiar world they love, enhanced by Sabrina Miramon’s illustrations. Who will be the first player to complete his buildings and gain enough influence to claim victory?

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