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Unmatched – Cobble & Fog

Release date :
Illustrated by :
Andrew Thompson / Ian O'Toole
Versions :
French, English, Brazilian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, German, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Ukrainian
Line :

Cobble & Fog takes you into the back alleys of Victorian London. Challenge Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, the Invisible Man or Mr Hyde!

Discover 4 new fighters and their fighting techniques!

Dracula: Beware of meeting his gaze, lest you be enslaved forever. Or, when your mind is clouded, he and his three evil sisters will offer you your baptism in blood.

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde: Two sides of the same coin: the intriguing Dr. Jekyll and the fearsome My Hyde. Who will be your undoing?

The Invisible Man: How do you defend yourself against something you can’t see? A simple metallic reflection and it’s already too late. A surprise attack before vanishing in a thick fog.

Sherlock Holmes: The game’s afoot! Assisted by the trusty Dr Watson, he’ll deduce your strategy and leave you wondering how he managed to derail your supposedly perfect plan. In a word: elementary.

Play independently or combine with other Unmatched boxes for games for up to 4 players!

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