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Welcome to the Dungeon

Mini games
Release date :
27 March 2015
Created by :
Masato Uesugi
Illustrated by :
Paul Mafayon
Versions :
French, English, Argentinian, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Thai, Brazilian, Romanian, Ukrainian

You're all at the entrance to the dungeon, but only one of you can enter: the bravest, the craziest, or the one who wasn't lucky enough to escape!

Welcome to the Dungeon
Welcome to the Dungeon
Welcome to the Dungeon

Enter if you dare!
You’re all at the entrance to the dungeon, but only one of you can enter: the bravest, the craziest, or the one who didn’t have a chance to escape! To determine who gets in, each round you’ll reduce your equipment or add monsters to face inside.
Will you be foolhardy enough to enter the dungeon, or will you let your opponents pass you by, hoping never to see them emerge?

About the game:

In Welcome to the Dungeon, all players play with the same hero, trying to be the one to lead him into the depths of the dungeon in search of treasure and glory.
Place the coveted Adventurer at the center of the table, with the 6 weapons and protective gear he’s equipped with, to face the monsters that populate the Dungeon.
Each round is divided into 2 phases:

The Bidding phase: one at a time, you have the choice of skipping your turn and taking no further part in the round, or drawing a Monster card.If, out of bravery (or folly…), you opt for the draw, you can, after looking at the card :

– make the dungeon even more dangerous by adding the drawn monster

– remove the monster by sacrificing an Adventurer’s equipment.
The Bidding phase ends when all but one player has passed. This player must then assume the role of Adventurer and enter the dungeon… whether he or she chooses to or not.

The Dungeon phase: the Adventurer player, armed with his remaining equipment, faces the monsters alone! Add the Adventurer’s Life Points to those provided by his equipment, then turn over the Dungeon cards one by one.
Eliminate the monsters against which your equipment protects you, then add up the power of the monsters still in play: if the total is strictly less than the Adventurer’s HP, the challenge is successful – you’ve survived the dungeon!If a player is struck down twice by monsters, he’s out of the game.The winner is the last player in the game, or the first to emerge victorious from the dungeon twice.

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