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Schotten Totten 2

Schotten Totten 2
Release date :
20 November 2020
Created by :
Reiner Knizia
Illustrated by :
Versions :
French, English, Dutch, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Ukrainian

In Schotten Totten 2, the two opponents are now pitted against each other to take a castle. The attacker and defender must prove their superiority over the wall locations. But this time, each player has different objectives and their own victory conditions!

Schotten totten 2
Schotten totten 2
Schotten totten 2
Schotten Totten 2 cards

Choose your side!

A real novelty in Schotten Totten 2, asymmetry changes the gameplay experience. Victory conditions are now different on each side of the wall. Only the attacker can claim a tile, and the defender’s only option is to prevent him from doing so. And if the defender has three cauldrons of boiling oil with which to discard an opponent’s card, the attacker has the option of retreating to certain tiles in order to return in force at a later date. In short, 2 very distinct roles, each with its own objective, and each offering a very different gameplay experience!

Tactics and boiling oil

Schotten Totten 2 is based on the same mechanics as its illustrious predecessor, i.e. the laying of cards to obtain a majority on specific areas. Each card combination allows you to claim superiority over the wall, but beware: here too, everything changes!
Each wall is now specific, and players are therefore required to lay down cards in order to obtain a majority! A subtlety that adds enormous variety to the game and multiplies the possible approaches. This addition forces the attacker to make stronger choices based on the cards in his hand.
The attacker wins if he manages to damage 4 Walls, or create a breach on a damaged tile.

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