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Welcome Back to the Dungeon

Mini games
Release date :
14 October 2016
Created by :
Masato Uesugi
Illustrated by :
Paul Mafayon
Versions :
French, English, Argentinian, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Polish, Spanish, Thai, Ukrainian

Ever since 4 fools attempted to enter the dreaded Dungeon of the Woods of No Return, the story has been told all over the kingdom. Many a madman has tried to repeat the feat, but has never come out alive... well, until now!

Back in the Dungeon

4 new adventurers face up to this dungeon, whose reputation has the whole world in an uproar! Proud, mad or brave, they are determined to do battle with the inhabitants of this terrible place… or maybe not so much after all! What they don’t know is that new, even more powerful monsters have appeared, and they’re hungry… very hungry!

About the game:

In turn, reduce your equipment or add monsters to face behind the door. But only one of you can enter! Will you make it through the dungeon alive, or leave your opponents to brave the danger and hope they never emerge?

What’s different from Welcome to the Dungeon :

4 new Heroes: a Necromancer, a Ninja, a Princess and a Troubadour, each with their own equipment, bring diversity to the game

6 new special monsters: add 2 (of your choice or at random) each game.

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